Friday, October 27, 2006

New News Yet Again - Keep Checking Back

Hello again from VADIR Land!!!
Good to "see" you all again. Glad to know you keep checking back.

Thanks to some alert Deputy Vadir Raiders out there, we have learned the there are new documents posted on the website for your viewing, recording and reporting pleasure!

Remember this website?
Keep checking back. It's critical!

If you can't click on this, you can either click on the pretty green and yellow circles next to the title of this post, or you can copy the above site and paste it in your browser. Keep checking back.

I know, I know. Enough of the technical assistance you say - tell me what's new!

Wait no longer. You will find:

2005-06 Individual Incident Reporting Forms
2005-06 Summary Reporting Forms
10/11/06 Glossary of Terms

There is no formal due date yet, but the site does say the electronic method of submission should be up and running between mid-November and id-December.
So have I mentioned - Keep checking back?????

Stay safe,


Anonymous said...

So looks like we can do our reports while giving thanks with the turkeys....or celebrating the winter holidays of December....or ringing in the new year.....

VADIR Radar said...

Simply another way to add to the festivities of the seasons!

Anonymous said...

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