Monday, March 09, 2009

Almost Spring Fever

Hello everyone out there in VADIR land,

VADIR happenings have been a bit few and far between, but now it's time to gear up for another spring and summer of VADIR DATA!!!!

Thanks to "anonymous" for checking in to see if anything is new.

The new Q&A document (updated October 2008) does have a new section on Records Retention. Take a look at it because it is very different from the previous requirement of six years. For the document, go here:


The particular item is Question 3:

>>>>>>>3. How long must a school retain VADIR related documents including, but not limited to Individual Incident Reports and Summary Reports?

After further review of the Records Retention and Disposition Schedule ED-1, SED has modified its previous guidance that VADIR records should be retained for 6 years. Records Retention and Disposition Schedule ED-1 states that violent and disruptive incident reports and summary records, including copies of summary information submitted to SED must be maintained until the youngest person involved in the incident(s) is 27 years old.

It further states that summary records may need to be retained longer, even permanently, if they document school violence, or if a school has been designated a persistently dangerous school. It recommends that the school district contact the State Archives for additional advice.

Additionally, violent and disruptive incident data received back from SED only needs to be retained until after the data is verified and any necessary corrections completed.

In addition, persistently dangerous school designation records, including SED citation, plan for corrective action (i.e., IRP), results of audits and monitoring, student transfer protocol and lists of transferring students, and documentation of removal of designation must be retained permanently.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

So please review this and consider how best to maintain all that VADIR data - maintain it, use it, analyze it and plan with it!

Stay safe,