Thursday, October 05, 2006

Are Ready for Your Mystery Date????

Hello out there in VADIR Land. Your VADIR Raider has been a bit quiet out on the home front, but it's time for a little refresher for the Blog.

The best laid plans....were for the 05-06 data to be submitted electronically with the BEDS data at the end of October. If you go to the link off of this article, you'll find the lastest from SED. Sometime between Mid-November and Mid-December, the electronic submission forms will be available.

So, keep checking back, either here with your ever-faithful Raider (although the Eagles are Number 1), or at the SED site listed above. There is also a link to the SED site from the New York State Center for School Safety's site at Variety is the spice of life, so try getting to the site from any one of these different portals!

Please feel free to post questions or comments. You can also email questions to

Stay safe,

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Anonymous said...

Great delivery of information on that ever fluid dating process!

Heard you have a new anonymous school safety reporting hotline. Saw the number posted as 877-7SAVENY. Toll free number!