Tuesday, May 04, 2010

'Tis the Season Again - VADIR 2010-11

Hello again out there in VADIR-land,

The time has come again to start to think about submitting your VADIR reports. It has been a little quiet here on the VADIR blog, but things usually heat up as we start to schedule the ever-popular summer road show.

We will be visiting the sites and sounds of the great State of New York again in August, from Long Island to the City of Buffalo (sort of sung to the tune of "This Land is Your Land")to provide folks with an overview of the VADIR reporting system. The dates are yet to be set in stone, but keep checking back at the website of the New York State Center for School Safety, nyscenterforschoolsafety.org, or click on the title of this post, for all the dates and locations.

And in the meantime, until we meet in person, please don't hestitate to post a comment, question or general observations to the blog.

Happy Summmer,