Friday, August 08, 2008

The Clock is Ticking

Hello Folks,
It's official. NYSED has announced that it will officially open it's portal to receive VADIR data with a final due date of September 30, 2008. Schools should be submitting their 2007-08 data.

For the newest documents go here.

The reporting forms, the glossary and a NEW QUESTIONS & ANSWER DOCUMENT have been posted so please check them out for the latest guidance.

Also know that you can call or write to the New York State Center for School Safety at 845-255-8989 or with any questions or comments.

The training schedule is listed in another post here, as well as at

Stay safe,

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Anonymous said...

hey, no new updates? the year has changed, what's new for 2009? Do you expect any changes coming from the federal level that will impact our state reporting of violent incidents? Like NCLB reauthorization? New language from a new administration?