Tuesday, September 04, 2007

What we did over summer vacation

It's back to school time and time to wax nostalgic already about our summer vacations. "What summer vacation?" you may say. Your VR agrees! However, that means that there was a lot of work done over the summer, so let's recap a couple of items of VADIR-interest.....

Ten VADIR updates were held across the State with a turnout of over 1,000 folks. As you know there is always a cadre of new administrators, and folks came ready to learn about the latest news in the reporting system. Contact your regional Student Support Services Center if you would like to schedule a follow-up training in your area.

The current thinking for 06-07 VADIR data submission is: documentation posted at NYSED's website mid-October with a deadline for submission by November 15. REMEMBER, that is the current thinking. Always check this website:


The New York State Center for School Safety's website:


Or come right back here and check in with your trust VR for any notification of an EARLIER or later due date.

Site visits to 100 schools were completed. School staff and teams from NYSED, the NYS Center for School Safety, Regional Student Support Services Centers and BOCES representatives had the opportunity to discuss VADIR reporting and other school safety issues. While the site visit notification may not be like winning the Mega-millions, many school folks said that they learned from the meetings, and the visits will help them report even more accurately this year.

And last, but certainly not least, the VADIR data was reviewed by NYSED who announced the list of Persistently Dangerous schools. You can review that list as well as 05-06 statewide and charter school data at:


So, on this the first day back for many of our students, I'd like to wish you all a safe and successful school year.

Stay safe,

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